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14 May, 2024 |Face Care

Unlock Skin Glow with Marigold and Orange Face Wash

Unlock Skin Glow with Marigold and Orange Face Wash

With so many skincare products launching everyday, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and definitely not easy to choose your skincare routine that best suits your skin. Although, within the wide sea of skincare options, hidden gems still exist that not only stand out for their natural and effective ingredients, but are jam packed with goodness of freshness and a sense of satisfaction. The Marigold and Orange Face Wash  – this dynamic duo is the way to unlock your secret to a radiant glowing complexion. 

Marigold’s scientific name is Tagetes erecta L .This classification of plants have multi-faceted benefits and are widely used in medicine, culinary and in preparation of essential oils. The essential oils of Marigold are rich in antioxidants loaded with vitamin C and E. These vitamins and antioxidants help the skin fight the daily pollution, creating a barrier in preventing further damage.The properties of Marigold, when infused into a face wash, helps in soothing irritated skin, reduces puffiness and promotes an even skin tone. The antibacterial properties make it an essential tool in combating acne and helps in prevention of breakouts. 

Complimenting the benefits of Marigold is the zesty freshness of Orange. Orange is fruit that bursts Vitamin C and a great reservoir of antioxidants. The Orange extract helps in prevention of dull, uneven skin tone, helps in tightening pores and controls excess oil production. Therefore making it even more suitable then it already is, for those with oily or combination skin type. The refreshing scent of citrus is also a sensational experience that can awaken the dull, tired skin. 

When these two powerhouses are combined, with regular use of the marigold and orange face wash; your skin results in a radiant, glowy, clean, nourished skin that is revitalised with each use. When Marigold and Orange face washes are usually formulated with gently cleansing and non-irritating ingredients making them suitable for all skin types. The marigold and orange face wash prevents the skin from being washed off from the skin’s natural oils. The natural ingredients and alternatives to harmful and harsh products, offer a gentler approach to your skincare routine, leaving the skin feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and luminous.

By incorporating a marigold and orange face wash into your daily routine is easy and rewarding to your skin. Follow these simple steps to achieve radiant, smooth and supple skin in just a few weeks. Simply wet your face with warm water, take a pea sized amount of the facewash on your palm and lather it until it gives a foamy consistency. Then apply it all over your face in gentle circular motions, then rinse thoroughly. Instead of wiping your face using a towel, use a microfiber cloth to gently dab excess water off your face. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Is Marigold and Orange face wash suitable for all skin types?

Yes, the Marigold and Orange Face Wash is gentle on all skin types, including sensitive skin.

  • Can Marigold-Orange Face Wash help me with my acne-prone skin

Absolutely! Marigold possesses antibacterial properties that can help combat acne, while the orange extracts will help you control excess oil production. Therefore this combination is perfectly suitable for acne-prone skin. 

  • Will Marigold and Orange Face Wash improve my skin complexion? 

The Vitamin C from Orange extracts, helps in fading dark spots and gives an even skin tone, therefore brightening the face and improving the complexion.

  • Is Marigold-Orange Face Wash cruelty free and vegan?

Yes! Hemtattva’s Marigold and Orange Face Wash is completely cruelty free and, all made of only natural ingredients.

  • How frequently should I use the Marigold-Orange Face Wash?

The Marigold-Orange Face Wash should be used twice in a day, morning and evening, as a part of your skin care routine for best results.

  • Can I use Marigold-Orange Facewash to remove makeup? 

One of the properties of this facewash is to tighten pores. Therefore, it is recommended to use a makeup remover prior to using the face wash for thorough cleansing

  • Will Marigold- Orange Face Wash dry out my skin?

No, Marigold-Orange Face Wash’s gentle formulation does not dry out the skin from its natural oils. But it is beneficial to incorporate the application of a moisturiser to maintain skin hydration.

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