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27 March, 2024 |Skin Care

Summer Essential Steps: Creating a Simple Yet Effective Daily Skincare Routine

Summer Essential Steps: Creating a Simple Yet Effective Daily Skincare Routine

We are on our way to experiencing the summer season and we all know what that means, sheltering our skin from the scorching heat. While the summer season offers varied benefits to our natural ecosystem, our skin takes a cruel hit in its attempt to shield us from extreme heat. Given its repercussions, we’re here to share a good skincare routine for both men and women to overcome the summer wrath.

Simple Tips for Skincare: Beat the Summer Glare

Following a good skincare routine is necessary to maintain healthy and glowing skin. The best way to do this is by sticking to a well-informed skincare regime.

  • Use a good facial cleanser

You want to wash your face but not too often. People confuse regular face washing with overdoing it. The trick is to understand your skin type and what you should use during the summer season. Use a cleanser or face wash for all skin types to ensure that your facial skin receives the right kind of nourishment. The summer heat and increased humidity can lead to sweat sticking to the face for longer durations. It is important to hydrate the face with a cleanser that has nourishing properties as well. A Marigold and Orange Face Wash provides this type of impact wherein it refreshes the skin on your face and also boosts nourishment due to ingredients like citrus orange oil and marigold

  • Protect your skin from oxidative damage

Your skin undergoes daily battles with the sun, which means it’s fighting the free radicals that harm it. You can enhance your skincare routine with an antioxidant serum that acts as an antioxidant and combats oxidative damage. The antioxidant in serum form can protect you from harmful UV rays and against pollution. 

  • Don’t go out without a moisturiser

The sun can give both warmth and transepidermal loss. When you move out under the sun, you are exposing your skin to moisture loss and also damaging the skin layer that protects you. A moisturiser can retain adequate moisture in the skin once applied generously. So, protect your skin barrier from pollutants, sweat, and heat by adding this skincare tip to your routine.

  • SPF Application to protect against UVA and UVB rays

A Sun Protection Factor (SPF) shields you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. When you go out into the sun for a long time or are indoors even, UV rays find their way in either way. These rays can potentially burn your skin, reduce elasticity, and cause premature ageing. You won’t even know it’s happening to your skin until the effects are visible with wrinkling, dry appearance, scalping, and impaired pigmentation. Your SPF or sunscreen is your best bet against UV strikes. Make sure to apply generous amounts on your face, neck, and limbs (including parts exposed to the sun). You can also use a subblock that’s made from a silky-smooth formulation to retain fresh and moisturised skin.

  • Stay within limits during the summer

The summer heat can melt your makeup by the time you get to your meeting. So, make sure you follow a more subdued look using makeup that has hints of SPF, and CC creams, including lip formulations, etc. This doesn’t mean you do away with using SPF creams. You must apply SPF from time to time during the day, preferably after every two hours or so. Applying too much makeup during the summer can clog pores on your face and create more acne. This leads to a cycle of adding more makeup to hide your acne, which is not something you want to subject your skin to.

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